Zhangjiajie (aka Avatar mountains) in 5 days

I went on a 2 week trip to China back in June, and it was probably one of my favorite trips ever!! Maybe it was because I went in with very little expectations, and I was just completely blown away by China's natural beauty.

Unlike my trip to Iceland earlier this year, where you KNOW it is going to be amazing because of all the pictures on social media, China is one of those places that isn't so over-documented, and therefore I didn't really know what to expect. I've been to China before, but I've always visited the big cities like Beijing and Hong Kong, and much of the country's great outdoors remained a mystery to me. 

The first part of our trip was a visit to the famous Zhangjiajie mountains in my home province of Hunan. This place was what inspired the floating mountains in the movie Avatar. The park is very large, and I would recommend spending at least 4 days to allow enough time to explore the various different parts of the park. 

Here is how we spent our 5 days in Zhangjiajie:

Day 1: Arrived in Zhangjiajie in the morning. Hiked Golden Whip Brook in the afternoon followed by the 10 mile gallery