Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is currently probably THE #1 destination, and after visiting it myself, it is totally worth the hype! However because of its increasing popularity, that also means huge crowds. One way to mediate this problem? Go during the winter! Does the cold scare you? Well, Iceland in the winter isn't as cold as what you might expect. It is around the 30's during the day, and around the 20's at night. Does the idea of only having 4 hours of daylight scare you? Well it shouldn't. Just because the official daylength is only 4-5hrs during the winter, there is actually around an hr of light before sunrise and after sunset. Because the sun never really rises and just hugs the horizon, sunset and sunrise last pretty much the entire day, and it was probably one of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises I've ever witnessed. If you are a photographer, just imagine the golden hour all day long! What a dream right? There was quite a crowd in some of the popular spots even in the winter, so I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer. Also in the winter, you get to catch the Northern Lights, which was pretty much life changing. If you want to photograph the Northern Lights, be sure to bring a camera that can shoot in manual. You would need a long shutter speed, and an Iphone would definitely not work! 

If I haven't already convinced you to visit Iceland in the winter, maybe these pictures will! :)